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Reminder - Term 2, 2020 Supervision arrangements

Dear parents and carers

Please respond to the electronic form sent yesterday, by COB today Tuesday 7/4.

Parents/carers may have experienced a glitch this monring when attempting to submit.  This now has been rectified.  Previous respondents need not resubmit. 

Term 2, 2020 - Supervision arrangements - URGENT

Thank you for your patience and support over recent weeks. We are aware of the extra pressure being experienced by families. Things continue to change almost on a daily basis. However, what has not changed is the commitment of parents and teachers to children, our belief in the value of schooling, and the knowledge and faith that the current situation will pass and that we have much to be thankful for in this country.

I thank the students who have embraced the remote platform as their learning and for the creativity and courage they have shown. I thank the staff who have gone the extra mile to ensure that our students have still had the opportunity to learn and progress. I also thank the parents who have had to cope with children learning remotely.

We are also mindful of families who have had their economic livelihoods affected and the recent experience of this follows on from the challenges at the beginning of the year. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you need assistance with school fees.

 Term 2

Staff at Good Shepherd are currently in four days of Professional Learning to review our experience to date, make necessary changes as educators and ensure we have the new Microsoft Teams Platform running for Term 2.  This will assist us to enhance the learning for our students during remote learning.

In Term 2 a remote program of learning will continue to be offered for students at home or at school. To assist in our planning we ask that you inform the school whether you plan to keep you child/ren at home to complete remote learning OR your child/ren will be returning to school on days that you cannot care for them because you have to go to work and have no alternative care.

Please compete and submit the following electronic form by tomorrow by COB Tuesday 7 April 2020.  

Term 2, 2020 - Supervision arrangements for remote learning

As we approach Holy Week and the Easter Triduum may we continue to be people of hope and compassion. In times of social distancing may we care for our loved ones and be kind to each other.

Best wishes,

David Austin

Defence Good Shepherd Facebook Group

Dear Defence Parents,

I have started a Defence Good Shepherd Facebook Group and I would like to invite you all to join the group. Please just send me a request to join and answer the two questions attached. The group will have fun craft activities, news from Defence organsiations, health and wellbeing information and messages from me too. I hope you are all keeping well at this time. Take care. 


Taryn Ahern


Palm Sunday Mass on Zoom

Palm Sunday Mass (via Zoom) 

We invite you to get dressed in your Sunday best and join us for Mass via Zoom on Sunday 5 April 2020 at 9:30am If you missed out last week, be assured that we can accommodate many more participants this weekend! Please note that Daylight Savings ends this weekend and be sure to sign in to the Mass at 9.15am using Meeting ID No  824-036-573 or click . For tips on using Zoom – please see a few dot points below my signature block.


Online Mass Contribution (First and Second Collections combined)

We encourage you to continue to support our parish by making contributions to our First and Second Collections online.  Follow the steps below to make a secure online donation.

  1. Click on
  2. Select Biller Code 1002872 – Mass Contribution
  3. Enter your payment details.


Holy Week and Triduum Liturgies

We will provide details about our Holy Week liturgies after Sunday’s Mass.  Please visit the Parish App and website for updates and follow our Facebook page to keep connected.


We thank you again for your patience and we look forward to seeing you all at Mass on Sunday 

Pupil Free next week

Please find attached a letter from the Director of Catholic Education, Ross Fox informing that all school staff need to conduct Professional Learning next week (last week of term) in preparation for remote learning programs.


David Austin

COVID 19 Update

As per tonight's Prime Minster's press conference, if you are able to work at home and keep your children at home, you should. If you cannot, your children are able to attend school tomorrow- where they will be in combined classes in order to provide them with support whilst we also support those students learning from home.

Thank you for your continued support and let us keep our country and those who are currently in care and isolation in our prayers.

Best wishes,


Trial Google Meet with Year 4 Students

Parents/Carers, at 2pm there will be a TRIAL Google Meet with kids. No pressure to join. A parent must be present. Kids will get link on GC.

Clarify -Yr 2 parents - Collect workbook

Year 2 parents - Your child's handwriting book is available for collection from the front office. Office closes at 3:30pm today.

Please collect workbooks today

Your child's handwriting book is available for collection from the front office. Office closes at 3:30pm today.

Team Kids message

Dear TeamKids Parents and Caregivers,

Our thoughts are with our whole community at this time. We are all facing an unimaginable world event. We feel your worries and fears around the situation unknown and we will endeavor to support our families by keeping you updated with critical information as we receive it and remaining open to meet your care needs in line with the decisions made by the school.  


Our entire team are dedicated to their roles and understand they are a much-needed service, even though they may have fears of their own. Please remember to say thank you, show them love, patience, and appreciation.


To our families who have chosen to isolate, please log into your parent account or contact our customer service team to remove your bookings, so that we are able to adjust our roster to reflect and ensure that we limit the exposure of our team and our ability to support ongoing.


Our teams are available should you have any questions.  


Stay safe,

Kaylee Wandel- ACT Area Manager